Nepal Cultural International Film Festival

Nepal Cultural International Film Festival (NCIFF) is a celebration of multicultural films from around the world. The festival showcases a variety of films, including full-length features, shorts, experimental films, fiction, animations, and documentaries. Its primary aim is to encourage young talent in filmmaking and promote meaningful and inspirational films for children and teens.

The festival also attracts renowned and award-winning filmmakers who screen their films, serving as a benchmark for quality in filmmaking. These films are described as entertaining, clean, inspiring, and filled with moral values. The festival aims to provide global exposure for Nepal and promote the country as a filming destination.

The NCIFF was first held in September 2018, and the plan is to organize it annually in the same month to establish both national and global presence. The consistency of the festival is seen as vital in fostering a film culture within the country, which is one of its primary goals.


Objective of NCIFF

The primary aim is to provide a national as well as international platform for Nepalese as well as foreign film makers to showcase their creative storytelling on various subjects such as human rights, short, documentaries, women’s, children’s, feature and animations films from all over the world in competitive way.

>To conduct various discussions/interactions sessions/master classes through the professional from international campaigner/representatives so as to create the unique atmosphere to learn and get information/aware about today’s most important topic related to culture, filmmaking, human rights, environmental, women empowerment, children and SDGs.


To create a unique atmosphere through cultural exchange events and festivals, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, recognizes and awards the winning films, providing recognition and support to filmmakers. The festival also specifically provides a platform for Nepalese filmmakers to showcase their creative works, contributing to the growth and promotion of the local film industry. By screening renowned and critically acclaimed films in the competition section and organizing interactive sessions and discussions, the festival offers opportunities to gain a deeper insight into filmmaking and its various aspects.

Finally, the festival aims to raise awareness about film, filmmaking, human rights, women's empowerment, environmental issues, and SDGs, promoting dialogue and understanding on these important topics.