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Mr. Subedi is born and raised in the Kathmandu, Nepal. He has done bachelor in Sociology. He is a social activist working relentlessly for 10 years in his community. He has been involved focusing on community department/social issues and on education aspects. While he traveled through Nepal, he discovered many communities being disproportionately discriminated from the education. Realized the practical reach of education is the major reason behind. Thus, he started working and advocating for people’s rights to education in the community and the nation at large. Now he has been leading an organization, Campaign for Educational Awareness Nepal, through which he has been involved in making education a top priority working with government and local influential leaders, he aspires to have realized ‘education for all’.

Similarly, he is a filmmaker, producer and director. He has been involved in film industry for seven years. He has already directed and produced Nepali films and Documentary. Now he has been working for the preservation, promotion and exploration of Nepali film, culture, traditions and the lifestyle of the people’s culture of Nepal through the film nationally and internationally. The aim is to promote the youths, women’s, and children’s for filmmaking, which reflects the traditional culture of any ethnic group. Its main motto is to provide the platform for the young talent for filmmaking and motivating the audience through the film screening and award. Being the Chairman of Nepal Culture and Film Center and chairperson of NCIFF he has successfully conducted the 1st and 2nd Nepal Cultural International Film Festival.



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