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1st Nepal Cultural International Film Festival

1st Nepal Cultural International Film Festival

The 1st Nepal Cultural International Film Festival (NCIFF) is the biggest film festival in Nepal and also an international film festival for all ages. Focusing on all age groups the NCIFF will bring an interest to the whole country. The festival will be held in Kathmandu and will showcase full and short-length features, experimental films including fiction animations and documentaries, from around the world.

The purpose of the 1st NCIFF is to encourage young talent in filmmaking and to promote children and teen films that are meaningful and inspirational across the world. The festival has some of the most famous, award-winning filmmakers from around the world screening their films at the festival. These movies are the benchmark for what a good film should be: entertaining, clean, hugely inspiring and packed with moral values! NCIFF will also help Nepal with gathering some global exposure which it lacks.

During the festival we will showcase Nepalese films and foreign films made in Nepal so that we may help to promote Nepal as an international filming destination. Starting from November 2018, The Nepal Culture and Film Center (NCFC) aims to repeat itself every year in the same month, and establish a national as well as a global presence. NCFC’s consistency will be vital in establishing a film culture in the country, which is the foremost goal of NCIFF! The official openings date and location will be published on a later day.

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