We promote Nepalese Culture in the world through Films.

With the aim of promoting the cultures through the films, NCFC was established on 2017 A.D. as a non-profit organization. NCFC’s main objective is to explore the cultures and traditions from all over the world and present it to a global audience and facilitate International filmmakers to make film in Nepal.

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Produce and promote films related to of Cultural

NCFC, working as one of the major organization in promoting the Nepalese culture & tradition and showing it to a global audience, focus on extracting Nepalese youth potential in film making, endorsing and facilitating youth towards development of film Industry.

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Film Making

Comprehensive film making services, providing professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

Facilitate Filmmakers

Seamless experience for filmmakers, offering comprehensive support throughout the entire production process.

Workshop & Seminars

Empower individuals and teams with valuable knowledge, skills, and insights through interactive sessions led by industry experts. .

Pre-Production Assistance

Comprehensive support to streamline the creative process, from script development and story boarding to budgeting and scheduling.


5th NCIFF Award

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