Vision and Mission

By increasing the productivity of Nepali films we aim to make Nepal into an international hub for filmmaking and film experiments. Many famous international films have already chosen Nepal as their set location due to its authenticity, and geographical wonders.

Some of the movies are the classical supper hits such as:

The Golden Child

- 1986 (ft. Eddy Murphy)

The Golden Child

A Fantasy Comedy about a hero believing the one to be able to save the “Golden Child” the movie views amazing shots of the Kathmandu valley and Tribhuvan Airport.

Seven Years in Tibet

- 1997 (ft. Brad Pitt)

Seven Years in Tibet

An amazing Drama about a climber learning about selfishness from a young Dalai Lama.

Beyond the Edge

- 2014 (ft. Chad Moffit / Sonam Sherpa)

Beyond The Edge

This biographical story tells us about the 1953 Mt. Everest climb and shows us the emotional journey of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.


- 2014 (ft. Jason Clarke)


Thriller and disaster are the correct genres for this beautiful film, as we witness the tragic event in 1996 as Rob Edwin Hall tries to ascend Mt. Everest.

Dr. Strange

- 2016 (ft. Benedict Cumberbatch)

Dr. Strange

While on a journey of physical and spiritual healing, a brilliant neurosurgeon is drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

Also as an educational or even commercial film industry, Nepal could be the perfect hub, and we try to aim some focus on that aspect as well. By organizing NCFC it will give us the chance to explore the Nepalese youth and their potential and passion in filmmaking. This can be done by endorsing and facilitating youth films and awards. Already has the Nepalese youth set a footprint in the film industry as 7 years old Saugat Bista directed the 2014 film “Love you baba” and set himself as the Guinness World Record holder as youngest film director! NCFC will also organize international film festivals on a yearly bases to increase the general interest in Nepali Film and to expose Nepal to the global film industry.

As we grow in members and supporters we can hold regular film workshops, debates and new innovative ideas on how to increase intellectual Nepali films. At our Film Center, we will host meetings with directors, producers, artists and film activists to create a talk show about the Nepali Film world. At the Film Center specialists can advise and help establish an efficient set of morals and policies for the Nepalese Film Industry. With the support of NCFC, the increase of society based documentaries can help in the promotion of Nepal as a tourist destination or a cultural hub for all kinds of travelers.

NCFC will act as one of the main agencies in the international market to promote the Nepalese culture and tradition in filmmaking.

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